The Health & Wellbeing of Your Team

Don't make the mistake of thinking that a good bottom line equals a healthy business. Caring for the wellbeing of your workforce is no longer seen as an optional luxury, but as a prerequisite for a successful business. Tired, anxious people who dislike their jobs are not going to produce the next technical breakthrough, or impress your clients. The health and well being of your team is your most precious asset. If you care for their well-being, your business will exhibit the energy, enthusiasm and creativity you need to raise yourself above the ordinary.

A health & well-being incentive program can offer a powerful tool that will work towards a culture of active, healthy staff. We assist in formulating a program that works from the ground up to motivate your organisation down the path of health and well-being in the workplace and into the sales results. We direct you to wellness retreats of different content and forms, along with teaching programs linked to rewards. It may be nature getaways with mentors and coaches, structured forums or even organisational change, by identifying the need for new management attitudes or practices.

Is it Worth It ? The EU estimates that costs arising from work-related stress come to around 20 billion Euro annually within the EU alone. The cost of work-related mental health problems, including stress, represents over 3% of the EU’s GDP. This is something that no company can ignore in planning to keep their costs down and valuable assets performing at their best.