Taking Care of the How, When and Where

Corporate event planning

Corporate Event Planning

We regularly research and travel to selected destinations worldwide, to ensure first hand the quality and suitability of venues for our programs. We understand the seasonal variations, monitor local events and anything that may have an impact on the success of a program. We take you to the right place at the right time.
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Corporate Travel and Vacation

Motivation Through Inspiration

We look for lasting impressions and inspiration for you and your participants. Every program is created to meet your specific needs. Creativity and customization have always been hallmarks of PROEVENT GLOBAL as have cost effectiveness, attention to detail and personal involvement from start to finish. Read more about Motivation

Environment and Authentic Experience

There are many wonderful destinations around the world, however, not all provide a feeling of uniqueness or a lasting impression. Simply having a 5 Star hotel on a perfect beach or modern convention center isn't necessarily what we are looking for. There is a world of difference between a "resort" and an authentic experience in a stunning location. Apart from beauty and quality, we look for a unique and inspiring environment with access to culture and a wide range of activities that provide lasting experiences .....Read more about Authenic Experiences