Environment and Authentic Experience

There are many wonderful destinations around the world, however, not all provide a feeling of uniqueness or a lasting impression. Simply having a 5 Star hotel on a perfect beach or modern convention center isn't enough for us. There is a world of difference between a "resort" and being part of an authentic experience in a stunning location. Apart from beauty and quality, we look for a unique and inspiring environment with access to culture and a wide range of activities that provide lasting experiences, where safety and security are paramount.

Where would you like to go? - dive and sail the Great Barrier Reef, go outback in Kakadu, find a Himalayan mountain retreat in Bhutan, immerse your team in India, hike Chinas' wild Great Wall, take an African wildlife safari, canoe & fish Zambezi above Victoria Falls, wonder at Pharaohs along the Nile, sail the Adriatic Archepelago, bike Tuscanny, ski the Alps, golf & trout in Scotland, an Arctic safari in Lapland, immerse yourself in vibrant cities across Europe from Stockholm to Istanbul, ride the the Patagonian wilderness, a sailing regatta on Bermuda, breakfast with Indians and rafting the Grand Canyon - all these offer great accommodation and meeting facilities and we still havent scratched the surface of places where we have taken our clients.