Corporate Sailing Regatta in Bermuda

racing for the first turnCommodore Andrew Cox of the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club was on hand to ensure the racing action went according to "club rules" and ensure a real sense of competition. The yacht club provided a matched fleet especially for our eager participants. 
The regatta racing action took place on some of the most beautiful waters anywhere in the world. Crews were competing not only for the fun but the healthy rivalry of colleagues in different sales teams.  Everyone from total beginners to experienced sailors had a fantastic day on the water followed by lunch in the clubhouse.

Each boat sailed a series of races whepast Hamilton Princess hotelre teamwork came together in a fun and exciting morning of close heats on the bay. As each crew gained confidence, the races became more interesting,  the turns  became tighter as boats jostled for position and a chance at the "Cup" and network team honours. The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club provided a professional racing experience that went down in eveyones memories as a great day on the water.