Meeting China - a complete experience

CHINA - isn't just a country, it's a different world and mind-boggling phenomenon. It's home to one of the world’s longest continuous civilizations, with an impressive heritage of art, culture, architecture, language and cuisine.

Our participants were honoured to stay as exclusive guests of the Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, normally only used by visiting Heads of State to China.

From the bustle of downtown Beijing, we had another unique experience waiting for our participants.  We were special guests of a local community, and our 200 participants took part in a  privelage rarely granted, and hiked an untouched section of the "Wild Great Wall" of China.  This authentic section of the Great Wall was totally unreconstructed and even better, was far from the tourist bustle.  We walked a beautiful wilderness area along a stunning reminder of what man can achieve when working as a team. For yet more teamwork we joined the atheletes of the Shichahai School where we were awed by performances of students preparing for the Bejing Olympic games. Under their instruction, participants had their own "olympic tryouts" and team games in a fun filled afternoon before dinner in the local "hutongs".

From the deep culture of Beijing, we travelled to the relative calm of Hangzhou and the beautiful West Lake. In this green and peaceful garden city, we walked the hillside tea plantations, slowed down with Tai Chi and had a very different perspective of health and well being from the renown Traditional Medicine Pharmacy.

Even though participants had a stimulating series of seminars and workshops, there was time to reflect while boating on the romantic West Lake. China is a country of great contrasts, from congested cityscapes to the natural beauty of picturesque rural landscapes. This is an ancient land still brimming with mystery and intrigue. As it leads the world into the 21st century, China promises to continually beguile and excite all who visit her.