Corporate Day out with Fast Cars

It's not much fun driving the same road to-and-from work with traffic lights and bumper to bumper cars. Well, this Executive Reward Program was definitely not slow, or bumper to bumper.
After some quality time in London, the lucky executive team were limo driven to Bruntingthorpe Racetrack in Leicestershire.

Just imagine - sitting behind the wheel of a “pocket rocket” open single seater Catherham - one of the fastest single seaters available that average folks can drive - or - the barely contained growl of the Ferrari engine in front of you, just before it screams into life as you floor the accelerator and you are gripping the wheel, white knuckled, as you barrel down the straight headed for the first chicane.

Our participants were able to try out some of the best high performance cars - Lamborghini, Porsche, TVR Griff and ground hugging high speed Go-Carts.
fast car
Just in case that wasn't your thing - there were plenty of options - like a power drive in a truck with 12Litres of bone shaking power beneath you ……
Or, a skid pan test that has your head spinning as you practice 180 degree “crash U-turns” as if your life depended on it, outrunning “baddies” like on TV. We look forward to taking you along on our next outing.