Investing through Incentives

Companies must keep employees motivated and inspired to ensure business success. Incentive programs offer a powerful tool to achieve this. When it comes to rewarding your team for excellent performance, make sure you don't shortchange the incentive program - or you might be shortchanging your bottom line. Let us tell you how your incentive program will in fact bring more business. Without incentives, many may feel unappreciated and might come to re-evaluate their roles. Unmotivated, stressed employees have little loyalty and much lower productivity.

Team Vision in good and turbulent times

Teamwork, motivation and a positive outlook is needed for any business. In a turbulent business world your team makes great personal sacrifices - be prepared to recognize their efforts, or the energy maybe focused elsewhere. Think of what a team can achieve motivated by a common vision, accepting challenges with the support of like minded players. In today´s market place a highly productive, reliable team is vital to success. Whether it's inspirational programs, motivational speakers, interactive challenges, focus forums, role playing or adventure activities,the possibilities are endless - we will find the solutions suited to your team and situation.

Creative Reward Programs

We make a point of telling you that we have no "off the shelf" programs.Those clients who have used our expertise a number of times, year after year, have experienced new and creative solutions for each of their programs. We will take you wherever it's needed to capture the hearts and minds of your team.From bedrolls in the desert to feathersoft luxury, flying salt spray to zen tranquility, campfire philosophy in the African bush to rafting a wild river.
Whether your program takes place in the business environment of a modern hotel, or is a tailor-made option in a unique landscape, we will meet and even exceed your expectations. The right program for you will take into account your needs, budget, workplace, your team personalties and their expectations. Rather than us tell you what you should do - let's find out what is needed by listening to you, and we will create the best option for you.

Leadership Programs - Butterflies Flying in Formation

Incentive programs for your team leaders can take many forms that will benefit your business. Programs that assist you to explore the difference between management and communication styles and linked to incentives for personal and business growth, can bring enormous results. Unique learning environments allow participants to explore their own capacities to work as a team, diversify personal skills and widen their perspectives. Specialist executive coaching and management development is a critical necessity in a business arena that requires adaptability. Your group can explore team problem solving in a safe supportive environment. Whether its Camp David type meetings or campfire philosophy, each group needs their own vision and we assist you in finding it.

Performance Indicators

How do you know whether your investment was successful, and at the end of the day - did it make a difference? You need to consider whether your goals were achievable by the entire company.
Your team needs to believe that the scheme is fair and achievable, or it may work against you. The best incentive reward schemes involve everyone. In this way, there is performance improvement throughout the company. We can provide ongoing and post program feedback essential to monitor the involvement of your team and link this to sales or productivity.