Our Scandinavian Adventure

This was a Swedish Arctic adventure along with some special moments in the fjords of Norway. On arrival to Stockholm, our participants enjoyed the wonderfully authentic Grand Hotel before heading into the Arctic wilderness. Their short time in Stockholm was topped off by a Nobel Dinner in the Stockholm City Hall where they dined using the Nobel table settings and menu of the 2008 Nobel Prize Banquet, this was a night of style and glamour to be remembered by all who attended.

To begin their scandinavian wilderness adventure, a special charter flight took us above the Arctic Circle to Kiruna and the ICEHOTEL, possibly one of the world's most unusual hotels. As our participants came from all over the world, this was a step into the extreme for many. They took part in ice-sculpting and fine dining before wrapped in their special sleeping bags, they spent the night in their ice-hotel rooms at a cozy minus 5 degrees Celcius. That was something that will be talked about for a long time.

We then headed even further north, right up to Swedens northern-most border and the dramatic snow covered wilderness. There were snowmobile safaris and dog-sleds into the snow covered lanscapes, while others made a snow shoe hike in the  Norwegian fjords. The intrepid group hiked down from the dramatic head of the valley to Rombak Fjord, before speeding back to town in RIB boats.  Others took a more leisurely route and explored the fjord by ship. sailing actionThey passed beneath the imposing walls of the fjord where sea eagles hunt, and where one of the largest ever sea battles of the second world war was fought.

Everyone had an exciting time hiking, snowmobiling and dog sleding into the wilderness and luncheoning in wilderness cabins, topped off with icefishing. There is something quite surreal about the quiet, stark scenery of the far north wilderness that stays in you memory. Those that came along, left with a sense of achievement and wonder at the special landscape. Great programs are meant to leave lasting impressions, and this one certainly will.